Read Along

What is Read Along?
Read Along airs on WRAC 8 and features community volunteers reading children’s stories. This is a partnership between WRAC 8, Willmar Early Childhood Family Programs and Willmar Early Childhood Initiative. We have had such great feedback that we were fortunate enough to partner with Encyclopaedia Britannica to develop two additional shows; Ben and Bella Read Along and Learning Zone .

Ben and Bella
Ben and Bella combine animation and a real person to reading stories, activities and singing songs. In addition to those partners listed above we enlisted the help of our local Success by Six Coordinator to be our host. This show airs on Channel 18.

Learning Zone
Is an interactive preschool program that features a children’s book, games, learning videos and more which is made available through Encyclopaedia Britannica’s The Learning Zone.  This show airs on Channel 18.

For a complete listing of show days and times view the schedule.

Read Along 1 Read Along 2
Read Along 3 Read Along 4

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